You like men, dancing and money?

You easily fall in love?


Of all the options of life, all young people should besides seriously choose between these two options: Be a prostitute or a religious?


Give your body for money. Prostitute oneself. Live effortlessly and easy-going. You think I’m exaggerating? Just think that many live this way even if it’s in a hypocritical way.


All those who work uniquely and exclusively for money, succeed regardless the price, to have power at all cost.


Many who in their professions see only one way or other to become rich, or have only one motivation: to have a salary that they did not deserve.


If you have decided not to be a prostitute, real or fake, think about finding and developing a real vocation, what pleases you the most, for what are your really made? For love: of people or of God which is the same. Difficult life, annoying: like all lives lived at the service of an ideal.


If you are a woman and not a puppet, you have the moral obligation to ask yourself if you want to follow your most beautiful ideal: to announce Peace and Love to all peoples; because we are all equal and brothers and sisters; the best way possible: through all your actions and all your life.


And if you decide…


That this is not your vocation, do not forget that no matter the way that you take, it must be sown with peace and good. (P.C.)


Drunk? Party Animal? Fickle?


Good. Maybe you will be the perfect religious.


Do you know this world and life? You could very well help the men and women of this world. And you will not be the first: St. Mary Magdalena, without going to far, was also a vagabond like you.


Think well. Think about being a religious. More than courage, you need love. (P.C.)


You could become a Dominican Sister of the Presentation.


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