You love life but sometimes you feel unsatisfied?

There is something that is not right in my daily life?

I was young, yes I was fifteen years old, full of life, had the urge to do many things, to do acting, to play basketball, but there was something that made me different from my classmates.

I was happy, but I reflected too much on everything, on life, on love, on the world order, etc.

I dreamed to be a superwoman and to resolve everything, from daily problems to the whole world.

I could no longer stand it, and sometimes I became very sad, I even judged my friends. Why so many discos when there is so much to be done? On the contrary, sometimes I caused a scene because when it came to defending a cause, I really gave all I could.

What was wrong with me? Was it craziness or adolescence? One day, I could no longer stand it; I had to talk about this feeling. I went to see the director of the college, and I told her: I am miserable! She remained silent and just hugged me.

It calmed me down and by chance I was given a missionary calendar that had just arrived in the mail. That night I could not sleep so I started to look at the calendar and on the back of one page I read: Vocation No; Vocation Yes. I jumped up and read it over a hundred times when I realized that this was my serious illness. I became frightened but at the same time relieved. I knew at last from what illness I was suffering.

The next day, I went to school knowing what was to be done. I still keep the calendar that told me to refer to the paragraph “WHAT.”

Thus began my vocation. Now I am a Dominican Sister of the Presentation. (GM)



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