We are convinced that life will be better in the future, in the tomorrow. We are sure that as soon as we reach our goal we will find happiness.

Then we feel frustrated because, even as we obtained what we were looking for, we have not reached what we desired. And we continue to look for other things to fulfill our lives, and, thus we spend a lot of time thinking that tomorrow will be better. We believe that we are situating ourselves in the moment of time but in reality “this tomorrow” which is so desired, is this moment that we are living today without being aware of it.

The truth is that there is not a better time to be happy than NOW. If it is not now, when? Tomorrow? Your life will always have pressures. It is better to admit it and decide to be happy in spite of all.

For a long time is seems that life is on the verge of starting, but there is always an obstacle on the way, something to solve first, something to finish, time to go by, a debt to pay, and only then could life begin. It will be so until you become aware that these obstacles are life. This perspective will help you to see that there is not one way to happiness but that HAPPINESS IS THE WAY. Happiness is a journey and not a destiny.


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