If you are decided and are reading these lines, you prefer to follow the AFTER. It is after that you will stop and think about what you are feeling. Yes, you have decided, after you will ask someone to direct you to discover all that you are feeling, then you will sit face to face with God, in your reality, and you will tell Him that there is something special in you, but for the moment He will tell you nothing. It is only later that you will be ready to take a step. It will be after, when you are starting to begin the projects of your life and that you become aware that they are not being fulfilled sufficiently, and you will change them to do something new. After… time goes by, but there will always be a place to say after. And one day you will think: I do not need time because after comes at a good time. In summary, your happiness can wait; you are not in a hurry because you can be happy after. But why after if I can be happy now? Perhaps later it will be too much and too difficult to find the helm of our boat.



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