Jesus said: “ask and you shall receive, search and you will find, knock and God will open the door for you. For the one who asks always receives the one who searches always finds; the one who knocks will always have the door opened to him.” (Mt 7, 7-8)

In our every day life and in our own history, many questions come to mind, but there is one more direct and clear. WHY? And facing this question we wait, we are looking for a response but we are not satisfied with just any one, we want the response to give us a valid reason, that it satisfy us, and more so that it help us.

At the moment this why touches that which is so intimate in us, we feel that the time has come to look for a response that will lead us toward a commitment.

Moreover, in face of the possibility of religious life, the why grows and changes to why me? Then the response increases and becomes more demanding.

Should you find the why by yourself? Yes, but you might remain dissatisfied in your search because the response that you are looking for is personal: from you to you with God and it is only in this meeting that you will find the response to a new horizon opening in your life.

You will continue to ask yourself: why should I live in religious life? Well, simply because THE LORD IS COUNTING ON YOU!  God offers you a project of life, hope and love. So, if this question is bouncing seriously around in your head, you are asking yourself a very important question that will lead toward this search and toward a sudden and striking response, and will lead you to take risks and struggle for what you are experiencing, what you want and what you love.

If you feel something both important and great, the adventure will transform you and without doubt will fascinate you because a vocation is a response to the love of God. It is a relationship with Him, a relationship that needs nurturing.

YES, HE IS WAITING FOR YOU, YES, YOU, just as you are and with all that remains for you to do, and that is why you must respond to this call and entrust your life to the Lord. RUN UP TO MEET HIM! GO WITH COURAGE! IT IS WORTH IT!

Answer the invitation to follow Him with all your heart and with all your being. This is to love Him and to live as a Lover. And we always receive more that we could give.

If your heart was touched, go forth! The challenge is enormous because the reward is great and with His Word you will write your history with Him, because:

“No one went yesterday,

no one is going today,

no one will go tomorrow

toward God

the way I am going.


For each man and each woman

the sun has a new ray of sun

and GOD is a brand new way.”


Leon Felipe


TODAY it is YOUR MOMENT to answer: HERE I AM GOD, with YOU!





Run up to meet him! Go with courage! It is worth it!

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