“We are happier giving than receiving.”

The true way…

The mountaineer got up very early with the intention of climbing to the very difficult summit before the sun was too hot. He climbed alone for a long time and his body began to feel the tiredness. His shoes were dusty from numerous landscapes and his heart filled with various melodies. All of a sudden the path split in two. Perplexed he stopped for fear to make a mistake. After a few minutes he noticed someone coming toward him.

“Tell me,” he asked after having greeted him, “could you tell me which is the way that leads to the summit?”

“The real way,” answered the other without stopping, “is the one which leads nowhere. Thus, only you will continue to seek always.”

We can never get settled in that which is already discovered. To continue to advance we must search.

Reading this little story you cannot remain indifferent because something resounds within you. If you hesitate or find yourself in front of a choice in your life, it is because you are attracted to the Lord. If you have an intuition that Someone is changing your life it is because He is asking you to do so. If you have the opportunity to choose religious life, to not stop out of worry or fear to make a mistake, search and find the real way for your life.

Have the courage to ask yourself what could make you happy, and be ready to take a decision! To choose a way, to take an option is to gamble and give an answer to all the questions of life with all the consequences that a choice in life encompasses.

“It is easier to be happy in giving than in receiving,” (Hb 20,35). By choosing religious life, it is normal to have doubts, but that is just the point on which one must work and have the courage to say yes to the Lord, yes to religious life. It could also happen that in spite of the certitude you lack the courage to allow yourself to be lead by the Lord, or again, that you are not lucid enough and are afraid to face reality. It is little by little, step by step that you will see the light, that you will receive the answers in the different events that Jesus will give you.

If you want to follow Jesus, you must give your life for Him, from service to the gift of yourself, because to follow Jesus is a vocation of love, to live in love, only those in love give everything. If there is the slightest flicker, light the flame, if there is the slightest germination, let it grow and give fruit; if the Lord has entered into your life, revealing something very special and totally unexpected, let Him surprise you each day and give yourself to Him.

Yes, you will ask yourself again…and where should I follow the Lord? Take advantage of the connection…”My vocation in the Presentation” Yes. If you search where to follow the Lord, continue to follow this web page and you will know, knock at the door and we will open, send us a letter and we will answer, call and we will speak. We accept all new ideas. Where do you live? We are waiting!

For us, “the Congregation founded by Marie Poussepin, Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, remains close to its unique purpose which she wanted to give it: “To announce Jesus Christ through the service of Charity.”



Have the courage to ask yourself what could make you happy, and be ready to take a decision!

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