Each day

Each day is a unity, a life, a birth and a death, a whole of small possibilities. All existence is made of days, like a house being built. Day after day, we live, we hope and all finds its place in a 24 hour day.

The majority of days are alike and ordinary, they don’t have much importance. The important days, if they are so, are because they were sown and nourished by the work of many hours, in appearance, seem neutral.

One day has many roots and the day itself enroots existence, and makes the future possible. But the opportunities that a day offers us are innumerable, especially interior possibilities.

The hidden and solitary world of my spirit can adventure itself each day toward a new encounter, a new love, an important decision where the thoughtfulness of knowing to smile in time.

In beginning a new day, each one should ask herself what the light of this day is so that happiness is present all day. The meaning of things are not only found but also created.

To offer a day means nothing if we do not offer ourselves. Offer ourselves to do what we have to do, by obligation or external constraints, in all freedom and with love. To offer oneself to listen, to speak, to show our feelings, if necessary, to all who are present.

And finally, on the point of closing one’s eyes, we realize that one day completed is a life that ends.








To offer a day means nothing if we do not offer ourselves.

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