God speaks

You must get on your way! God speaks through all sorts of signs. We should learn to listen to Him, to decipher His “code.” One of the great difficulties in life is to find the place where we are called to be. 

Evidently, we are not super-heroes! At least we don’t have to go ahead with this argument, because sometimes we fear to say yes, we say it just to have peace and quiet.

We have found what we were looking for without having to present long “curriculum vitae” to loads of firms; for our life is our way. God knows it well, we are already “chosen,” and it is not necessary to write all sorts of beautiful things to fill in a paper, because God loves us just as we are.

We have found happiness; do not let it escape us. A vocation is a call to service the community, to work in the vineyard, in the world. There are various possibilities in different positions. There are many tasks to be fulfilled and seeing that each has received a different gift given for the service of all cf (Eph. 4, 1-14).

How? Each one has a different path, and this is how we enrich one another. Remember that the way we take all alone, no one else will decide for you and it is up to you to write your history. How? Well there are two possibilities: you want to or you don’t. You decide to take up your pen or you are satisfied with making a copy.

Take your pen in hand

Here is one possibility: take your pen and write…. That is, find a moment to be by yourself. Take your pen and write! Try to unveil the mystery by taking a pen and a clean sheet of paper, with eyes open or shut, and write down the message of your “crazy” search.

Make a copy

Good, this is another one of the multiple possibilities. Remember that to make a copy is the same as to live incompletely, and living this way will never lead you to a deep and real meeting with yourself, but only to an absence of happiness.

A vocation is not a diffused feeling, nor a want to do something beautiful. A vocation goes through the truth, through a gift, through a renouncement. The game of yes and of no, the game of certainty and of doubt, the game to go forward and backward, is not the certainty to follow Jesus. The eternal doubt always leads to “no.”

But evidently! The boat… must leave the person free, without mooring… that is the beauty, don’t you think so?

You are the actress

Look, I propose something very simple to you. Find yourself a moment where you are all alone, a moment where you are the actress.  Seek yourself out, find yourself and evaluate yourself, and more than anything, I propose that you do this when you feel good and calm and do it in silence. Get out in the night, look at the sky and count the stars; it is something Abraham did. cf (Gen. 15, 5). Look at the sky, it is more than a simple gesture, you’ve got to do it. It is to want something you are looking for. It is the opposite between the one who has the heart capable of looking up and the one, on the contrary stays with a heart of stone. When I get up to take a glass of water, it is not simply that I want it but it is because I need it. In the same way, when we truly desire to give a meaning to our life…we find the means to do so. 

Get in the boat; it does not have a mooring. It will let you sail as you desire. Maybe the boat is in a peaceful sea or in an agitated sea; a boat adrift or in an open sea. In any case, it will be the tempest and/or the deadly calm. Take the helm of your life and choose your direction: north, south, east or west. Let yourself be taken by the waves and it will lead you to land.



A vocation is a call to service the community, to work in the vineyard, in the world.

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